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The EMF Action Network (EMFAN) is a organization dedicated to providing discussion on topics concerning the overgrown spread of wireless technology in our lives and how it affects our well being. Each show features different guests and is distributed primarily through podcasts on ITunes and YouTube. Each podcast presents different guests who present their point of view and stories concerning the exorbitant expansion of wireless technology in our culture. Topics include electromagnetic hypersensitivity, mobile or cellular phone dangers, WiFi usage, Smart Meter concerns, Cell Tower hazards, health concerns on EMF or microwave radiation and more.
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Feb 21, 2016

Over the past decade, Dave Stetzer has focused on troubleshooting power quality problems, specifically the problem of dirty electricity (electrical pollution, “stray voltage”), in the United States and in numerous countries throughout the world. His work in this area led to the development of the STETZERiZER® Filter, the world’s first power line EM (electromagnetic) filter.


On this podcast, Dave Stetzer talks with host Mark Kuether about what "dirty electricity" is and why it's a part of electrosensitivity,how it affects our general well being, and how the problem can be addressed.

Oct 19, 2015

Desiree Jaworski is the the Executive Director for The Center for Safer Wireless.  

The Mission of The Center for Safer Wireless is to enhance public understanding of wireless technology and products.

The Center for Safer Wireless offers public seminars that share the latest research on how radio frequency radiation and electromagnetic radiation affect our health.


The goals of the organization are to:

Educate Americans on how wireless products work

Enable Americans to use wireless products more safely

Promote the precautionary principle

Facilitate review of the current wireless safety standards

Facilitate review of local government rights in the Telecommunications Act of 1996


Desiree tells the story of how the organization came to be, how she became involved, and eventually took on the duties of Executive Director. 

The website for The Center for Safer Wireless is

Aug 29, 2015

On this podcast we hear from Dr Gunnar Heuser.

Doctor Heuser is a practicing physician of international reputation. He has coauthored several books and written numerous scientific papers and abstracts. He has been an invited speaker all over the United States, as well as Europe, South America and Australia. 

Dr. Heuser has designed an objective, standardized testing protocol to document EMF related injuries.

Dr. Heuser uses his experience as much as possible, to inform the public and his colleagues of the potentially devastating effects of environmental and electromagnetic exposure.

Aug 29, 2015

An interview with Julie Levine from California on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, how EMF radiation affects both adults and children, what can be done, and how to avoid exposure.

Aug 29, 2015

Featuring Liz Barris from The People's Initiative.


The People’s Initiative Foundation is a non profit charity dedicated to educating the public on making change where there is stagnation in the areas that deeply affect us all, but have been overlooked by our government.  This includes issues of concerning the extremely high and growing levels of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation.

The projects can be on the local, state, federal and worldwide level and can range anywhere from local community projects to documentary film making, to advocacy issues regarding congressional legislation and beyond.

"Whether it’s helping the environment, animals, children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, a third world country or even just strengthening existing protective laws so as to give them teeth, PIF is committed to helping make the real changes necessary, by educating the public on how to change the law.  So called “special interests” effectively control the legislative process.  We seek to educate the public on how to have a real influence on government and see that issues important to us all, not just “special interests” receive the attention they deserve. We support and encourage average citizens taking this kind of responsibility for their community and their world."